This is our newest product characterized by tracking the vehicle in real-time by means of dashcam and OBD device. The service is opened to any individuals who wish to make their journey with at most security and safety. It also has features for recording the entire journey along with Wi-Fi connectivity and alerting systems to the users. After that, you can view the entire journey of your vehicle on your Smart Phone just by having few clicks on our Wajadtuha Mobile App.

Introducing our easy-to-install car tracking solution – the perfect tool for individuals and businesses looking to keep track of their vehicles. Our state-of-the-art device can be quickly and easily installed by anyone, without the need for professional assistance. Once installed, our accompanying smartphone app allows you to monitor your vehicle’s location and performance in real-time, giving you peace of mind and valuable insights into your driving habits. Whether you’re looking to keep an eye on your personal vehicle or manage a fleet of company cars, our user-friendly solution has got you covered. With affordable pricing and exceptional customer service, we’re here to help you stay connected with your vehicles at all times. Try our car tracking solution today and experience the ultimate in convenience and security.

Wajadtuha is one of the newest systems in the market for smart vehicle surveillance .
It provides the user with full control over the vehicle through many features that are designed solely for this goal.

Wajadtuha provide friendly user interface through an application which can be downloaded on your phone for both Android and IOS.

Wajadtuha works wirelessly using the new and highly advanced 4G technology , combined with smart alarm system, in case of emergency the system will notify you immediately to take further actions.

Our services are available in all Arab gulf countries.

Wajadtuha provides many features to make tracking your vehicles easy and secure ,here are some:

    • GPS tracking: tracks the real-time location of the vehicle using GPS technology.
    • Route planning: allows users to plan routes for their vehicles and optimize for efficiency.
    • Speed monitoring: monitors the speed of the vehicle and alerts users if the vehicle exceeds a pre-defined speed limit.
    • Geofencing: creates virtual boundaries around designated areas and alerts users if a vehicle enters or leaves the designated area.
    • Real-time alerts: sends real-time notifications to users regarding the location and status of their vehicles.
    • Reporting: generates various reports related to vehicle usage and performance.
    • Driver behavior tracking: monitors the behavior of the driver, such as sudden acceleration, harsh braking, and speeding.

Online Tracking & History: 
Wajadtuha provides an advanced tracking functionality which includes:
Play History:
1. Vehicle trips can be viewed on the map using playing history.
2. Multi color up to 5 diverse colored trip indicators available.
3. Speedometer update available for every point along the journey.
4. the time elapsed while the vehicle is stationary / parked can be tracked.
5. The Playing history provides an essential summary along with a friendly user interface to track vehicle on the go.
6. The overall statistic of the trip has an ability to be downloaded as 3D Objects of KML file format for Google Earth interactions.


Live Snapshot (Real-Time Tracking):

1. Scoping available of statistic log for real-time vehicle tracking and current location for “Grouped Query” of overall extremities of a vehicle cluster on the map with present locations and also the vehicle’s recent 3 positions can be formatted separately.
2. Routine summary vehicles list can be shown on request.
3. Synchronized monitoring for vehicles parking violations.
4. Shortcut panel to provide flexible and friendly user interface.



1. Numerous amounts of geo-fences can be allocated per device.
2. Multi zones can be assigned to geo-fences for varied devices at once.
3. Operational strategy including scrolling and viewing between geo-fences available.


Points of Interest (POIs):

1. Infinite pin-ups of POIs (Point Of Interests) on different categorized destinations (Highways, Shopping, Hotel…etc) is possible.
2. Effective response given when passed by the nearest POI.
3. POIs Look-up Available.


Wajadtuha Reporting System:

Wajadtuha provides a multi-purpose reporting system which includes:

1. Activity Report: Viewing vehicle activity report trips, locations, max & average speed, and giving the user ability to show the trip directly on the geospatial mapping platform.

2. Alerts Report: view all violated business rules for vehicles.

3. Bar, Pie & Chart Report: Viewing vehicle statistics for speed and mileage in bar, pie or chart, such as: maximum/average speed, maximum/average mileage.


Reports can be printed and exported as (HTML, CSV, Word and Excel).


Wajadtuha Scheduled & Custom Reports:

Wajadtuha provides ability to reschedule & customize reports upon client requirements with capability for future usage..
The following properties as sending options of schedule reports:
1. Present.
2. On selected date/time.
3. Daily (sent each morning).
4. Weekly (sent each Friday).

Business Rules:
Wajadtuha allows the user to set its business rules that includes:

Points of Interest (POIs):
Distance between point of interests is less than or over than XX KM.

Over Speed:
The vehicle speed control with maximum speed not greater than XXX KM/H inside non-specific/specific area.

1. Geo-fencing IN: enter a predestined space(s).
2. Geo-fencing OUT: exit a predestined space(s).
3. Geo-fencing Between: Before reaching predefined space(s) within XXX KM.

Working & Safety Hours:
1. Working Hours: The vehicle is idle or ignition off for more than XX minutes with predefined working hours from HH:MM till HH:MM within predefined working days of XYXYXYX.
2. Safety Hours: Vehicle moving alert within non-working hours.

Vehicle Documents Alerts:
 Alert before the document schedule (Date/mileage) with XY (Days/Hours/Kilometers). And renew the rule schedule every XY (Days/Kilometers) after being alerted.

Distance Moved:
The vehicle is allowed to move Less than/Greater than XY KM each day.

Driver License Alerts:
Alert contact before XY of Hours/XY of Days of expiration date of selected drivers license.

• Capability to send all alerts to any contact specified by system administrator or account manager.
• Capability to send alerts to email or/and SMS.

Wajadtuha is powered by a combination of two devices – an easy-to-install dashcam and a state-of-the-art tracker.

The dashcam provides a crystal-clear view of the road ahead, allowing you to monitor driver behavior, identify potential hazards, and ensure that your vehicles are being operated safely and responsibly.

Our dashcam is incredibly easy to install and can be up and running in just a matter of minutes. It features high-definition video recording with wide angle up to 180 degrees. With this powerful combination of features, you’ll have a complete and comprehensive view of everything that’s happening on the road.

In addition to the dashcam, our vehicle tracking system also includes a tracker that is discreetly installed within your vehicle. This device provides real-time GPS tracking, allowing you to monitor the location, speed, and direction of your vehicles at all times.


With our user-friendly interface, you can access detailed reports and insights that can help you optimize routes, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs , all available in a simple application that you can download on your phone available for both android and IOS.