LEAMRA Intelligent BioFinger System is an advanced and real-time fingerprint detection and recognition system, majorly for access control and time attendance solutions to identify people by using fingerprint scanners. BioFinger uses fingerprint features to take a smart decision to open door for authorized people or record employee in time attendance software and payroll system.

Bio Finger

BioFinger is windows based time & attendance and employee management software designed for companies of all sizes. In contrast to other systems of its kind it is uniquely simple to use. Its comprehensive range of features and options gives the total flexibility needed to meet highly individual requirements. The flexibility and yet simplicity need to be experienced to be believed

BioFinger, is designed and implemented to cover all large, medium and small organization customized needs in terms of access control and attendance system. By using the new concept of installing middle ware data processing accelerator servers and fully customizable user management system, BioFinger grantee’s the best output in terms of network utilization, high speed authentication and verification throw the NET / LAN, user friendly and functional management web based system.

BioFinger utilize the integration of organization sections and departments all over branches in different widely places by advanced automated fingerprint recognition system.

  • The possibility for any employee from any department or section to access or register his time attendance anywhere in other spaced departments or sections related to the organization around the sultanate, the operation is automatically done when it’s approved by employee’s manager, or the system administrator.
  • Utilizing the organization network by achieving the minimum network usage and utilizing the operation of communicating and linking all states widely places branches by advanced automated fingerprint recognition system using lowest cost of network.
  • High security places, such as banks, and facilities.
  • Find out the best dynamic system that is allowing maximum system user to submit there fingerprints in the same time with less network band width usage.
  • And more…
BioFinger – Time Attendance & Access Control

LEAMRA BioFinger utilize the integration of organization sections and departments all over branches in different widely places by advanced automated fingerprint recognition system.

  • System is including high speed and advanced dynamic reporting/ statistical system that would allow system administrator or other system management users to get an up to date online reports and statistics.
  • System software level should be based on a fully dynamic user privilege management architecture, that would allow the system administrator to assign, add, delete and update users, adding new polices roles … etc on remote locations.
  • System is able for integration with organization’s other systems and databases

Time Attendance Features

  • Real-time live multiple matching from multiple devices connected to the system.
  • BioFinger – Time Attendance is customizable upon client’s requirements.
  • 1:N identification.
  • User Management / Time Zones.
  • Time Attendance feature (In / Out).
  • Log Browser including visual history.
  • Network utilization for distance braches.
  • Guarantees false acceptance ratio is minimized.
  • Included with reporting system (customizable upon client’s requirements).
  • Running on multiple fingerprint scanners.
  • Capable to deal with heavy load databases (country wise).
  • Easy to use with friendly user interface.
  • Can interact with any relational database (upon client requirements).

Bio Finger