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Discover easy and reliable GST home networking products that give you wireless range, speed and streaming entertainment. Anytime , Anywhere, Any screen, Any Media Today, it seems that all you need is a simple internet connection to turn your home into a connected home. Global Security Technology delivers the idea solutions for connecting any Internet-Enabled device, providing seamless access to digital media anytime, anywhere. Take a look the connected home plan and see all the possibilities for turning into a connected home!

Our Home Networking Products

Global Security Technology – LEAMRA Tech – offers wireless Internet routers for every purpose. The WiFi Internet routers are designed to provide reliable coverage and allow multiple computers access through a single connection. These WiFi routers are compatible with most modems and adapters. LEAMRA Tech offers a range of wireless router hardware solutions, including combination wireless routers that incorporate Ethernet connections and wireless connectivity. LEAMRA Tech sells the WiFi router that’s right for whatever job you have to do and in different bands & models which staisfy client requirements.

Wireless Network Adapters A wireless adapter is essential for a high-quality Internet connection. Many netbooks and laptops feature a built-in WiFi adapter. However, desktop computers typically require an external adapter, since most do not include internal wireless adapters. LEAMRA Tech provides advanced wireless network adapters for handheld devices, desktop computers and laptops and netbooks to allow easier access to the Internet. Our wireless Ethernet adapters are designed to offer the best connections available.

Wireless Range Extenders Wireless range extenders improves wireless coverage to eliminate ‘dead zones’ in your home network. Range extenders ensure a reliable connection and expanded coverage area for wireless networks. Wireless extender can enhance signal, and expanding range.
Wired Ethernet Routers & Modems A key element in home networking is the Ethernet modem. These versatile devices can be combined with a wired Ethernet router to provide Internet access to every room in the home. In some cases, a wired router can provide a more stable and reliable connection than a wireless network. LEAMRA Tech offers a wide range of Ethernet routers to suit business and home networking needs. Wired routers, wiring and adapters are the perfect solution for the office or to create the ideal home workspace.
Switches and Access Points Wireless range extenders provide an expanded coverage area for wireless networks. Combined with wireless access points in strategic locations, a wireless range extender can ensure reliable connection throughout the coverage area. Leamra Tech provides the equipment needed to create WiFi access points as well as an advanced WiFi range extender for even more connectivity. By purchasing wireless hardware from LEAMRA Tech, companies & homes can ensure the highest-quality signal and connection.


Data Storage Devices Global Security Technology storage systems store, share and protect data for home or business users. It’s a great way to centralize files, share them between computers and even automatically back up to an offsite location!.


Wireless Mobile Broadband Products 3G mobile technology made truly portable wireless networking a reality. LEAMRA Tech makes it easy to share a broadband connection almost anywhere, through just a cell phone connection. Our Mobile broadband router and adapters can allow access to the Internet from anyplace with a clear cell phone signal, making it easier than ever before to create temporary networking solutions. LEAMRA Tech is the one-stop shop for mobile broadband connectivity through 3G and new 4G cell phone systems.


Global Security Technology – LEAMRA Tech – Entertainment products deliver the home theater solutions you are looking for. With LEAMRA Tech variant Entertainment products, now you can create a wireless Internet connection for gaming consoles, Blu-ray players and HDTVs. You can stream videos, music and photos and extend your Internet connection for HD performance.
Network Powerline Products For leased or rented office space, powerline networking solutions are often a preferred alternative to Ethernet-only or wireless networks. Global Security Technology offers a wide selection of network powerline equipment and adapters. One of the easiest methods for creating an integrated network is through the use of the existing powerline wiring and the powerline Ethernet adapters available. Our adapters can achieve speeds ranging from 85 to 500 Mb per second, all without requiring rewiring.


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