Global Security Technology offers a wide range of LED Screens for Mobile to choose from. These LED screens can be placed on or at different vehicles for concerts, branding or for displaying any information to your audience in a specific area. In order to facilitate our clients, we also provide customized solutions and all sorts of installation services.

Mobile Screens


Super-slim design, easy disassembling and assembling can save the space of Mobile Trailer LED Display. With the light cabinet in aluminum alloy, we make the Mobile Trailer LED Display much lighter, which reduces the weight of trailer to help it move faster. The working trailer causes static electricity easily, especially in the autumn, so our unique anti-static electricity protection system can protect LED lamps and driver ICs. With wide-voltage design, it can prevent the damage caused by the high pulse voltage at the start, brake or stop of trailer.

Main Technical Features

  • Long life time: Wide viewing angles maximize the values of your advertising, striking an excellent balance between on-site audience and broadcast cameras.
  • Demanding of IP Grade: Most of the LED displays are operated in outdoor environment, they must be working well under the extreme weather or condition, that is to say, it must have strong performance of waterproof and protection against strong wind, thunder, lightning, high temperature, low temperature and corrosion.
  • High brightness: Especially the spectators need to see the picture on the LED display clearly in sunshine from a certain distance, so the brightness of the display must be high enough. The brightness of outdoor LED display must be more than 6000 nits.
  • High refresh frequency: Lots of displays are showed in the way of pictures and animations, so the pictures must be vivid, abstract and beautiful effects.
  • Cooling Fan: No noise pollution occurs during working due to our superior performance cooling fan and alleyway ventilation design which reduce the quantity of cooling fan.
  • Control system operation platform: support WINDOWS(WIN98, WINXP,WIN2000, WIN7, WIN8)
  • Installation: easy to install and disassemble.

Mobile Screens