Global Security Technology holds years of experience in offering the most up-to-date e-learning equipment’s all across the globe. Our leading products are deployed in diverse fields including Digital Podiums and LCD Interactive Boards etc. which help both business and education users to enjoy modern technology in both meeting rooms and learning environments alike. Yes, we are proud to have one of the most modern and advanced educational and business systems, integrated for education and businesses both. Not only can they be utilized in education institutes, they can also be effectively utilized in offices to deliver multimedia presentations and more.

Interactive Boards

LCD interactive board

Learning has now become so interesting and engaging with LCD Interactive Boards. Presenters, teachers, trainers can now deliver interactive lessons, presentations and trainings sessions in classrooms and boardrooms with much ease and confidence. Loaded with unique and smart features; our digital whiteboards help a lot in delivering content to the target audience in an interactive manner. So, Global Security Technology guarantees to offer the best LCD Interactive Boards to its customers as compared to the available ones in the market.

How It Works

An interactive whiteboard is a large interactive display that connects to a computer and projector. A projector projects the computer’s desktop on to the board’s surface where users control the computer using a pen, finger or other device. The board is typically mounted to a wall or floor stand.


  • HD-ready with vibrant color and clear display.n progress the class with much convenience and effectiveness.
  • Powered by latest technology.
  • Easily and accurately recognizes pen or finger movement and track the user anywhere on the screen.
  • Utilizes the smart Tools to provide an intuitive end user experience.
  • Uses Intelligent Pens designed to identify standard graphic such as line, triangle, circle, rectangle etc. in one go.
  • Offers the perfect solution for customers implementing a collaborative workspace but lack the space for a whiteboard and projector set-up.
  • Supports third party software installations.
  • Supports real time on-screen editing.
  • Integrates with P.C, Laptop, Audience Response System, Projectors, Visualisers, portable document cameras, Slate-writing tablets and all kinds of ICT and AV solutions.

Digital Podiums

Digital Podium

Global Security Technology offers a wide range of digital podiums for different organizations, schools, colleges, training institutes etc. all across the globe. Our digital podiums are the no. 1 choice of customers since the quality that we provide is second to none. They integrate the complete audio – visual requirement of a presenter in a compact module with ease of use and complete security of equipment made from high quality wood with matt finish for elegance and durability. The multimedia Digital Podium is ideal for classrooms and corporate training sites.

How It Works

The digital podium system enable the user to write on a tablet Monitor with a built in podium, the cutting-edge system allows the user to directly write on a multimedia teaching plan and save the images along with the voice, for the easy production of multimedia learning contents. It has a built in sound system such as amplifier, wireless microphone which is essential for e-learning, and can be interfaced to all the multimedia devices to facilitate their use as teaching tools. The embedded integrated controller allows the user to control the devices with a single key and supports the plug & play function. It is ideal for classrooms equipped with the LCD tablet monitor along with LCD projector and screen.


  • With the installation of Dual Monitor system for the 1st time in the world, the lecturer can progress the class with much convenience and effectiveness.
  • It can realize full-automation and security function for lecturer with internal installation of RFID system.
  • Supplying the powerful software for Writing/Drawing/Recording.
  • Very simple and human-engineering smart design.

Benefits of Digital Podium

  • Digital Podium supports Live Education System, Video Conferencing System for Multiple users, e-Learning System Integration and Classroom Technology.
  • Presenters can save notes, capture screens and images and other work to a single file by utilizing the Digital Podium Notebook software.
  • Presenters can plug in their own laptops with the Digital Podiums.
  • Using a Digital Podium in your classroom or a conference room can make your lectures or presentations more interesting and engaging for your audience.
  • It saves time as it comes up with zero setup time.