Experience our solutions that offers strategy design and technology under one roof.

We have been demonstrating this since our establishment. Our solutions is providing an efficient and speedy strategy to solve problems, advising on the structure.
LEAMRA Technology is committed for developing the latest technology design solutions that maximize client capabilities, and growth capacity without exposure to risky and
unproven technologies and solutions. Creating pride and confidence in a solution that will evolve along with its environment.
LEAMRA Technology backed by a group of experts and professionals, as we offers customers end-to-end, business to client, and business to business high quality solutions that are
reliable, based on industry standards and tailor made to the specific needs of each customer.


• CCTV/ Video Surveillance.
• Access control / attendance system with remote management option.
• Online Intrusion Alarms systems.
• Anti-theft systems.
• Fire Alarms & Life Safety Systems.
• Intercom solutions.
• Online / Offline Vehicle Tracking System

• V-Gate (coming Soon)

• Vehicle parking solutions.
• E-Toll collection systems
• Asset management solutions
• Online tracking solutions

• Intelligent Road monitoring & Traffic Management System. IMS (coming soon)

Our experience, skilled experts, and industrialized approach make us a global leader in systems integration consulting. Streamline and integrate business processes and IT systems across the enterprise to address every function, including many high-tech industries such as CRM, HR, supply chain, and financial management. Although our customizable integration Combining our assets, skills, alliances and end-to-end delivery, custom development accelerates competitive advantage and high performance.
LeamraTech strives to provide clients with the highest level of service in the most responsive manner across a broad array of security & high-tech services. From SAP project staffing and .Net development to Mainframe consulting and staff augmentation, LeamraTech has developed methodologies that go far beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. Following is our IT consultation fields:
• High-Tech Project Consultations.
• Security system / solutions consultations.
• System integration consultations.
• IT Visibility study consultation.
• Budgeting consultations.
• E-Toll collection systems
• Staffing & organization human